A Thing Isn't Wrong Because It's Illegal, A Thing Is Illegal Because It's Wrong.

Deep state creatures are liars and criminals. We who didn't vote for the democrats, or the republicans in name only, told everyone, including Biden, that he was a gun grabber and they called us, the lying ones. Look at who is grabbing at guns now. Now, ultimately, the tyrants will lose they'll be the ones to slip and they will make their faulty moves. They're arrogant and they think that we will lose.

We know that they're desperate, they're using news of mass shootings as their pretext to disarm us from our constitutional rights. The same constitution which gives them legitimacy. If the constitution is wrong for us, then it will be wrong for them as well and they will no longer have any power to regulate us. As stated, they're conveniently using so called mass shootings, which ironically, only seem to benefit their aims, to persuade the masses, to surrender their rights. It seems almost suspicious in a way, as if members of the deep state, may indeed, be behind these now frequent mass shootings in public places and in schools.

These shootings were unheard of, until the Clinton administration joined forces with Chuck Schumer, then congressman from Brooklyn, New York, started coming after law abiding gun owners and their freedoms, enacting their unconstitutional, Brady Bill, the cure all for so called gun violence. There was a time when rifle marksmanship classes were taught in American High Schools, and indeed, in some states, those classes are still being taught so the so called problem with gun ownership in the United States, isn't the fault of law abiding gun owners.

The democrats running large US cities have declined, enforcing the law and are using the increase in crime to their advantage to further highlight guns as the problem. There are accounts that crates of guns are being found in neighborhoods in cities, like Chicago, to encourage the statistical rise in crime and gun violence, particularly. One may be skeptical and cynical, but these coincidences, seem highly contrived, calculated and orchestrated.