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A thing's not wrong because it's illegal, a thing is illegal because it's wrong.

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Here's one story showing Black Rifle Coffee throwing Kyle under the bus for defending himself.

Here's another one showing, just what type of duplicitous people, we're discussing here.

If one's memory is short, then all one has to do, is make some searches on one's favorite search engine using the words, “black rifle company turned on Kyle Rittenhouse.” That may rekindle one's memories or perhaps, if this is the first time hearing this, then it may offer some pertinent insights.

Black Rifle Coffee was the darling of MAGA, gun owners, patriots and veterans all over the nation and they probably still are among some people, however some people have never given them a second look or chance, since the day they sold Kyle Rittenhouse, down the river, for less than the customary, thirty pieces of silver, when the young lad protected himself from the state sponsored thugs of BLM and ANTIFA.

Obviously, this should be carefully noted, that if one is a white man defending himself from communist state owned operatives, with a firearm, then that makes one, an extremist right winger, an extremist white supremacists or a supreme white extremists. The politicians, the deep state, other federal bureaucrats and their big money backers, want white extinction, white genocide and white replacement and denials of these facts are one's prerogative. Just look around. How long will it take white America, to organize, to becoming a bloc and using the system, the same way that foreigners and invaders do? How long before they wise up and stop spending their money, buy products and services from their enemies?

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Keep lying to yourselves is my advice to people like these. Continue in denial. Don't worry about which people are paying the big bucks to diversify our town, county, state and republic with people who revere toilet paper more than they care about our silly constitution, Bill of Rights, freedoms or our lives.

Keep denying that there has been a war being waged against you for over a century now, subverting your culture while you have remained oblivious to all of it. Keep betraying your progeny while their birthright becomes consumed to worthlessness and forget about any quick fixes, because you've already lost the war.

California is minority white, Texas is minority white, New Mexico is minority white and soon, if not already, Arizona will be too, followed by your favorite state. So keep on praising, defending and cucking for Israel and her many tribesmen. It's funny how we can all say bad things about Biden, Trump, Clinton and Bush, but dare not say any word about their many, well placed Jewish hatchet men and women. Funny that. Just remember, that hate speech is speech that the Zionists hate and so is antisemitism too.

Here is what I'm referring to. It's this story below: Rev. Graham Praises TX Governor's Response to Anti-Israel Protests.

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The deep state has been abdicating its role for the last fifty years. They've been kicking the illegal immigration can down the road for at least that long and despite appropriate laws on the books, the seem to be dead set, to keep on importing people who are incapable of assimilating, do not share our culture and who at their core, hate us and envy us. It's bad enough that the United States already, has a permanent underclass, which has existed here for four hundred years, that, despite four centuries could not assimilate nor compete, in our society and were forced to resort to making excuses for their failures, including whites for their own shortcomings.

For the last two generations, the US deep state along with their handlers, have been diluting the culture of the republic, hoping, one assumes, to Balkanize the population, since that would be an easier way to control the masses, if indeed, they had no common heritage, culture, community and ideology. Diversity isn't strength, diversity is the vehicle to foster division and eventual control which will lead to tyrannical injustice.

The generations before us have allowed this situation to race out of control, because they were liars, cowards and deceitful. When waves and waves of foreigners were permitted by the Washington, D.C., deep state, the voters of the previous decades used excuses, claiming that these new people didn't speak the language, didn't come in legally or that they were doing the jobs that Americans wouldn't do. Which was probably veiled attempts at saying since the blacks would no longer do some of those jobs, then someone else had to be imported to do them. The Americans of the seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond didn't care about all the damage, the mass influx of people, who didn't give two fucks about our piece of shit constitution, was having on the future of the republic, since they never had to deal with those people unless they wanted their lawns done, needed nannies or maids. Eventually, more skilled illegal invaders kept coming over the borders and while the government has been saying that the number of those people's approximate number is eleven million people, it may indeed, be closer to fifty million, since that number of eleven hasn't changed, and has been continuously quoted at that same figure, for the last forty plus years.

It is only now, when they're been impacted by the realities, of the result of the invasion and that its purpose is to divide the people into competing, mistrustful groups on one end and to reduce the influence of the white family, church and culture, that they're starting to pay attention. However, it is way too late and no politician, not Trump not anyone is going to save them or fix it.

The United States wishes to do us all a favor and get nuked, one wonders, who will take care of Israel when the US is gone. It's not our country anymore anyway, this country doesn't belong to the white descendants, of the founding fathers any longer, we have been replaced and now, we no longer have a stake, in this most putrid wreck. Therefore, we don't care if this land, of the blue haired, red leaning, fairies, burns in hell forever. Some of us will just have to take one for the team. Since our cowardice and lies caused the depopulation of white people in North America.

Of course, this is contingent, on whether the deep state shit stains, have the gonads to up the ante. Those pussies haven't shown us much, but there's always that first time and in this case, the last. The Russians aren't bluffing and once the US is out of the way there may be room for a little revenge for the Baltic states, the EU and what's left of NATO. What should have been a bloody nose for the collective west, will turn out to be a painful ass rape. However, knowing modern day Americans, as well as I do, they'll probably like it.

I know the boomers, fanboys and die hard, alleged right wingers, will disagree but Trump isn't going to save us. Just ask him. He's here to save the blacks, the Hispanics, the Mexicans, Israel and the police. I've yet to hear him say what he's going to do about whites and anti-whitism. So he can't even look us in the eyes or mention us.

Also the same cheating system is still in place, for this election, in 2024 and one would assume, that as stupid as democrats are, they would have streamlined their cheating strategy by now, especially by them being in charge of so many powerful institutions. So there is nothing stopping them from getting another Biden term rolling. At any event, Trump is as low energy today as he was in 2020. We've lost that 2016 Trump and he doesn't seem to be anywhere in the country.

To be brutally frank Trump campaign speeches are like a groundhog day analogy, it's all about repetition, identical, theme for theme repetition. He's like a comedian that uses the same tired jokes over and over again. He'd be lucky if he does win but I don't see it happening. Nobody is coming to save us and we ain't voting our way out of this thing in which we're in. When the democrats tell Americans to turn in their guns, Americans are such pussies, that they will do so in alarming numbers. The real power in America, you know who, have been grooming us and conditioning us to be timid, meek, docile, weak and complacent. We need to at least act like we still have a pair of balls.

If indeed our rights come from god, then it is irrelevant where any man is, these rights are natural. Obviously, men living in a tyranny may not realize their rights because of authoritarian, oppression. However, what happens when a man stumbles into an allegedly, free nation, does he not inherit those rights from god, that no man may deny? Do not illegal aliens have the other rights enshrined in the original, Bill of Rights? Then why would there be disputes concerning his god given, second amendment right? If a man may take away god given rights, that man is either a thief or all rights come from man and brute force.

This case calls for many interesting discussions. I for one, believe and think that all men, whether slave, free, illegal or citizen, have the god given, right of self defense. This topic is worthy of discourse. I can't wait for further investigation and dissection of this, very important topic. Do illegal aliens have second amendment rights and should they? Do they have any constitutional rights at all? Well we know that they have constitutional rights, therefore, why should the right to self defense be the exception?

It seems as if I was just blinded by the neocons I used to love this guy and this site now I see that I've outgrown them. I do love when the MRC and NewsBusters go after the mockingbird media but this TickTok ban is going to backfire. If I'm not mistaken Brett was all for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and we can all see now what a foolish idea that was.

Why TicTok now, all of a sudden? What happens when it's our federated communications platform that congress, the neocons and the latest tyrants, which to ban, what then? This is a first amendment issue and last time I checked congress has no business making any law restricting the first amendment. The children of communist from China or elsewhere are afforded the first amendment as long as they're on US soil, right? So why single out this one entity and deny them theirs, just because they're popular, decadent and deranged, allegedly?

It's unconstitutional to ban speech or associations, just because we may not like that speech or those associations. These people like Brett don't really care about freedom, sure they're selective with the kinds of freedoms they think should be protected but deep down they're no different from the people who would ban Trump from Twitter or refuse to broadcast his rallies.

MRC President Brent Bozell pulled no punches in addressing where his organization stands regarding the recently introduced TikTok ban. Bozell is wrong on this he wants to ban TikTok because he doesn't like the platform and that's all about his feelings being hurt. That's not constitutional. In fact that's the very definition of being unconstitutional. Do any of you agree with him?

What happens when congress, the democrats, the deep state or the republicans deem your website a national security threat? What happens when they do that to MRC, Newsbusters? What happens when they do the same thing to Elon Musk's Twitter, Rumble, Odysee or your federated content management platform? They'll steamroll us if we give them the tools to do it. Leave TikTok alone, it is a Trojan horse to eventually allow the government to take down any website they hate.

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“The United States and its allies are sending to Ukraine a wide range of munitions, but they are not being produced or delivered as quickly as needed,” Atlantic Council nonresident senior fellow Thomas Warrick wrote last week.

Even if the feckless, weak republicans in name only, were to appropriate the sixty plus billion dollars for the Ukraine project, which they really wish to do, there is still the problem of where are they going to get the weapons and ammunition, to buy with all that US taxpayer, cash, because, what nobody wants to say out loud is, that the west, in its entirety, have no industrial, manufacturing capability to keep Ukraine or themselves, to be frank, in weapons and ammunition.**

Obviously, that little fact, being released into the wild, would be embarrassing, if not a bonafide threat to all their national security and a bruise on their blustering egos to boot. Therefore, it is necessary to obfuscate this reality, by distracting the public, that the republicans are being obstructionists. A role that the controlled, opposition, republicans are more than willing to play. All one had to do was pay attention to House Speaker, Mike Johnston's face and body language, during the recent, State of the Union address, to see how pliable to the idea, of further spending in the bottomless pit of Ukraine, made its appeal to him. The problem is that the entire Washington establishment, has to continue the farce since, from their vantage point, no one must be able to highlight the obvious fact that there are no more artillery shells, no more explosives no more raw materials to make them and worse, they may have to buy them from the Russians.

What's more, the prospect of offshoring their war machine production to China and India, since Russia is clearly out of the question, in an election year must be terrifying to them. The entire west, with their green new deals, their inclusive, Marxist culturalism, with their solar panels and windmills, are having continuous headlong collisions, with reality. Without traditional fuels, industrial factories and a united, motivated, educated population, service economies cannot win wars. So, let them keep fooling themselves, obviously, all of us aren't even fooled.

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