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A thing's not wrong because it's illegal, a thing is illegal because it's wrong.

There was a time when I'd listen and or watch The Salty Cracker. I started watching and or listening to his program around 2020. He was funny, somewhat more serious and our views seemed, to coincide. Now I can barely get through thirty minutes of his show without turning it off. It's as if I'm losing IQ points listening to that fucking moron now.

He's always giggling while talking and his giggling sound forced, so it's not even genuine laughter. Also, whatever he's laughing about, which is some alleged joke,he's making, is elusive. Only he gets it. The guy was good once, but he never mentions diddly, about how the politicians we had in common, including Trump, never mention anything they do, that's good for the White man. Salty Cracker is the same, he never mentions the Jew or their subversive acts over the century plus, that they've invaded the US, promoting homosexuality, feminism, socialism, communism, race mixing, racial tensions and law fare.

Salty and alleged conservative, right wing talent aren't really in it for the passion. It's obvious, that what people like him are doing, is not fun for them anymore, it has become work, which is easy for the audience to spot too. One of his sponsors is Black Rifle Coffee, the same company that sold out Kyle Rittenhouse, when everyone was lying, that the kid was a racist vigilante, who shot up a bunch of black people, in Kenosha Wisconsin. Yet people like Salty, who claimed to support Kyle, is now taking, Black Rifle Coffee, Jewish owner's money. That demonstrates, no principles at all.

As stated earlier, when these alleged right wing programmers start phoning it in, everyone can tell, even if they're hardcore fans, in denial. Salty is just phoning it in these days and his show is becoming less relevant, in this household. He's unfocused, not serious, and he's doing his stupid fake laughter while he's talking to the audience. The show has no real chain to follow, or theme. He's just trying to wing it for three hours and he's failing. Phoning it in just makes one a fake phony fuck Salty. Take a fucking vacation and regroup.

In the news today, beginning with the forever wars, Hezbollah has been launching major attacks against the Jewish occupiers, after the Israeli occupiers, assassinated a senior Hezbollah engineer and reportedly, launched, barrages of artillery fire. Obviously, Hezbollah, have the need, for more powerful rockets and some trained pilots. Perhaps, in time they will get them. This war could see, many outsiders, within the region, joining the fight, on the side of Hezbollah and the Lebanese.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the Russians seem to be systematically decimating Ukrainian, armed services. The Russians, have offered conditions for peace, and they have made it known that the offer has a time limit. They've made it known, that if and when the peace deal is rejected, then terms of surrender, will be the runner up. This doesn't make the Biden regime, nor the cabal in Kiev look good. In fact, it reveals, both their weaknesses. The Russians are taking their time, systematically, being patient, since even though the Ukrainians are losing, they're still capable of killing many Russian soldiers, if the Russians aren't careful.

The Elections in Europe, specifically, France and Britain, saw the far left, globalists having their day and in the case of Britain, the apathy of the electorate was showing, as only, approximately, fifty nine, percent, bothered to come out voting. It's unsure though, whether a higher turn out, would have made much difference. In France, it seems that all the other parties conspired to ensure that the RN, the party of Marine Le Pen, didn't gain the leadership of the French Assembly. Which could lead to chaos, leaving the country ungovernable, but Macron still deeply entrenched. All the western nations seem to have a suicidal death wish.

Also, India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made a two day state visit to Moscow, to meet with Russia's president Putin, to discuss all sorts of matters. Needless to say, the EU, the US and the collective west in general are a bit rankled by the apparent closeness, between the two nations.

Also, in the United States, there's a row between the democrats, the White House and the republicans, on a bill that would, make all voters prove that they're eligible to vote or indeed, register to vote. Obviously, the democrats, including the democrats in the White House, are objecting. One assumes, that without massive fraudulent voting, the democrats, would be shown, to be even more irrelevant, that they actually, already are. It's a fruitless bill, currently, since the democrats are the majority in the US Senate, and the democrat president, Joe Biden, will never sign such a practical, common sense bill, that would clearly boost the fledgling, credibility, of the US electoral system.

While on the topic of the corrupt, fake, US voting system, there seems to be the theater, presenting a democrat party coup, against dementia, lying, Joe Biden. The democrats, along with the mockingbird media, are pretending that they've just only now, realizing, that Joe Biden is a mentally incapacitated, goofball. So they're using the recent debate between he and Trump, as the excuse that they've all just noticed that the emperor has no clothes. So they're trying to replace him with someone else. We'll be watching this drama carefully, it's just too bad that I'm on a really low carbohydrate diet, or, I would have been stockpiling, popcorn and beer. As it stands, I'll have to binge out on black coffee. Either way, the Zionist Jewish cabal runs the US government, so the elections are rigged and meaningless. It doesn't matter which lover of Israel wins. They're all pieces of shit. Power doesn't come from voting, power comes from the bed of a Toyota Hilux, Turbo Diesel.

Speaking of Jews, it seems as if the occupying Israeli occupying forces, have murdered, an estimated 186,000, former living souls, in Gaza. They don't seem to be content, however, as they're now opening a new front in Lebanon, against the defenders of that nation, namely, Hezbollah. Hopefully, Hezbollah will supply the occupying forces with ample bloody noses and embarrassment. Death to all tyrannical, authoritarian, regimes.

The deep state globalist cult, seems to be filled with political trickery. The will of the people, is obviously, not their concern. The people voted, yet nothing changed. One supposes, that the French must just vote harder, next time around.

France: Marxist Bloc Wins Second Round Of Election.

The Marxist bloc won the second round of the French election preventing the National Rally from taking over the National Assembly. There was a strategic withdrawal conducted by the Marxists and Emmanuel Macron’s party to squeeze them out of the seats they were project to win in the first round. In retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t have been overly surprised at this outcome. It was obvious they were going to do all sorts of chicanery in the second round to ensure the National Rally did not grab any sort of real political power. What happens now is anyone’s best guess but a hung parliament seems the most likely outcome. Infostormer has the source article here.

In another blow, to the shitbag Jews, running the Washington, DC, deep state, their coup in Bolivia, failed miserably. The methods of destabilization and overthrow of the leadership of truly independent and pro-multipolar states no longer work for the instigators of said methods, first and foremost the American regime. The failure of the very recent coup d'état attempt in Bolivia confirms this thesis and reinforces the idea that the Western global minority will have more and more difficulty achieving its objectives on the international scene.

It only took a few hours for the Bolivian government to take matters fully into its own hands and put an end to the coup attempt against it. The scenario of the 2019 coup d'état leading to the ouster and temporary exile of the country's ex-president Evo Morales, one of the main progressive and pro-multipolar leaders in Latin America, does not did not happen this time.

In general, Bolivian President Luis Arce and former President Evo Morales quickly called yesterday on the country's citizens to mobilize to oppose the new coup attempt that was underway. Furthermore, the Bolivian head of state very quickly appointed new leadership of the national armed forces, who after taking the oath, called on the soldiers involved in the putschist adventure to return to the barracks, something which will be done. As for the main executor of the said coup attempt, General Juan José Zuniga, he was subsequently quickly arrested. Other arrests followed, notably that of Juan Arnez Salvador, head of the Navy.

Now and in terms of perspectives, it would certainly be necessary to note several important points. First of all, on the fact that there is practically no doubt as to who ordered this new coup attempt, which is also similar to so many others in the Latin American space. For this purpose a brief reminder of this week’s events in Bolivia.

Monday, June 24, the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons the charge d'affaires of the US embassy to inform her of the unacceptable nature and Bolivia's rejection of Washington's interference in Bolivian internal affairs. Two days later, on June 26, the attempted coup took place. Leaving virtually no doubt as to who sponsored the said attempt. The result was a fiasco for the main party involved.

Second, why Bolivia? Several reasons for this. Part of the countries of the sovereignist and progressive Latin American axis, resolutely committed to the contemporary international multipolar order, candidate for membership in the BRICS, the Plurinational State of Bolivia also has great importance on the geoeconomic level, at a time when geologists estimate that the country has the potential to possess no less than 23 million tonnes of lithium, making Bolivia the nation with the largest global reserves of this strategic resource, necessary in particular for the manufacture of batteries, including for electric vehicles.

As already raised several times by Western propaganda, the Bolivian leadership favors partnership, including economic, with China and Russia, and more generally with the BRICS, of which it wishes, as already indicated above, to become a member. Things that obviously and so strongly displease the West. Just add to this the country's opposition to Washington's neocolonial policy on the regional and international scene and all the reasons are there for the US establishment and its lackeys to have sought to once again bring down the authorities democratically. elected representatives of Bolivia.

In any case the rage of Washington and its vassals, together representing the axis of the planetary minority and those nostalgic for unipolarity, is more than palpable, especially in the context of the global processes of the contemporary world. By the way, the US ambassador in Beijing recently openly accused China of “effectively siding with Russia in the war in Ukraine” representing, according to the said person, a “major mistake”.

But while the enraged representatives of the West each express in their own way this rage in the face of the events specific to the contemporary multipolar era, it would be necessary to mention one last important point, in connection with the fiasco suffered by the Washingtonian regime in Bolivia , like in other places in the world. Because very likely, the CIA, like the US State Department or even the Soros structures still cannot learn the lesson of the contemporary world and the aspirations of the world majority.

Because in order to succeed in a change of power, we must now have the support of the vast majority of citizens of the countries concerned. Africa and more particularly the Sahel region has fully demonstrated this namely when the armed forces march alongside the aspirations of the people, and vice versa when the citizens of the countries in question give all their support to the patriotic and military soldiers. Pan-Africanists. The full complementarity of the army and the people. The Alliance of Sahel States made up of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger probably represent one of the best examples today.

As for the Washingtonian and Western methods of another time, in the pure tradition of “color revolutions” the fact of banking on a minority sold to the interests of the small Western world and trained to bring down, through a few coordinated actions, the authorities of Sovereign states fully adhering to the values ​​of the multipolar world no longer bring the expected result to the dark forces who still cannot accept contemporary reality. In this case, there will be no return to the diktat of an extreme planetary minority over the global majority of humanity.

Perhaps, I should be sued too, since I have been praying for Hamas, all the enemies of Israel and the enemies of the anal, Zionist loving, US deep state to overcome them. On a prison planet, one can be sued for that and worse. Freedom doesn't come from a useless paper constitution, freedom comes from the bed of a Toyota Hilux.

The Anti-Defamation League filed a lawsuit against Iran & others for support to Hamas for its October 7th attack. “We're going to make our case in front of a judge who will evaluate the materials and I believe, will find in our favor,” says ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. Speaking of Greenblatt, if one needs another view, of the face of evil, his mug can be found here. Also, the original article, can be found here.

Happy Independence Day to all my American brothers. I pray that you all have safe and effective parades, BBQs, and fireworks displays.Also, hey, even if you’re not American, have some respect for our culture and grab a burger and blow something up.

Does anyone else remember when any talk on social media, exposing the inflationary trends in the economy, was met by the White House, mockingbird media and the deep state, as misinformation, disinformation, lies and Russian propaganda? However, don't forget that Joe Biden and the Jewish, Zionist, democrats, are all truth tellers.

I guess anything is possible with credit cards. That’s the only reason why this whole illusion has maintained itself. If there were no credit cards, EBT and shit like that people would probably be killing and raping each other for food. Inflation remains out of control. Cookout costs are at a record high for the Fourth of July.

We at natehiggers, have only a few followers, yet, there are a few people who throw lots of time and undoubtedly other resources, to shut us up. Our social media platform, with our paltry, eighteen followers and our Writefreely blog, also, with a similar, paltry following, are constantly under distributed, denial of service attacks, probably from niggers, Jews, or the various members of the faggot brigade. I only mention this, to dispel the notion, that one has to have an audience of immense size, since this is obviously not the case. It seems that anyone who dares to speak his or her, mind will be targeted.

There are no worries though, we view mitigating these attacks, as a form of learning, which also allows for some creative thinking, outside the box. As it stands anyway, it seems that social media, appeals mostly, to the stupid. The people who inhabit that space, seem to gravitate to pictures with as few words as possible to get their points across. They do not seem to be in the pursuit of discussion, exploring ideas or dissecting lies. I'm just making an observation. I'm sure that social media and microblogging platforms in particular, do have their places. However, I intend to diversify my meagre efforts, with my beleaguered Hubzilla instance, my Writefreely blog and my Gemini capsule.

Gemini, is an albeit, new but obscure, internet protocol, which is text based and reminiscent of Gopher, but more simple in application and allegedly, more powerful. It's not as if I have to worry about popularity, since I am as popular as I like to be. One takes one's wins and blessings where they come. Before I forget, those of you with enough brain power, to find me on Gemini, the address is formatted like this: gemini://gemini.natehiggers.org/. Our expectations aren't high, but we are enjoying ourselves, nonetheless.

It's a totally failed nation today, however, the founding fathers did the best that any founders could. The nation has been subverted and is being destroyed, internally by an ancient foe. Now we're just another society in decay as the impending destruction is complete. Hopefully there will be a remnant of people with wisdom and vision to hopefully, reconstitute a state, worthy of the men who settled this once great nation.

Today is July 4th otherwise known as Independence Day in the United States of America. This is a day when most people shoot off fireworks while eating burgers and hot dogs. I doubt many Americans today know that this day was originally meant to celebrate America’s independence from the British Empire. Hell, most Americans probably don’t even know what the Declaration of Independence is considering the only thing they seem to teach in schools these days is how to do gay sex acts and worship niggers.

This entire post was inspired, if not wholly stolen, from the article named, Today Is Independence Day, from Infostormer.com. We'd like to thank them for their great service.

Imagine being a journalist, or just someone, utilizing the internet to disseminate information and the moment that one exposes the crimes, of a criminal super state, one is forced to run for one's life, holed up in an embassy, to eventually be hauled off, to one of England's most dangerous prisons, being petitioned for extradition to the criminal super state, for the alleged crime of espionage, when all one did, was to expose the true crimes of a supposed republic, built on the “rule of law.” That is a synopsis of the ordeal experienced by Julian Assange.

The British legal system and indeed the government of the UK has been exposed as being utterly corrupt, if not cuckold by allowing this travesty of justice to have continued for as long as it has. One can only speculate at their own capabilities, in the criminal acts which Assange was able to reveal. Assange, even though, now free, will still have to plead guilty to crimes which he did not commit and has in essence, have chosen his freedom under duress. He was denied freedom, put in one of the world's most fearsome prison, denied freedom of movement, confined to a prison cell, never to feel the rays of sunshine. If there were a chance to be free, what would one's decision be?

One suspects, that only a few souls of men, could stand on principle, to refuse freedom, and lie about a crime one never committed in a trade to be free. Many men would like to think that it would be better to stand for their principles, but how many of them have ever worn that skin or those shoes?

Julian Assange is that proverbial, severed head mounted on a pike, for all the citizens of the kingdom to see. It's a reminder, an indicator of what happens when one points out any injustice, lies or fake narratives of the kingdom or the state. If anyone does so, this will be their presumed fate. Exposing the crimes of the powerful, will get one's head severed, have it mounted on a pole and will feed the carnivorous birds.

Assange's freedom will be a chance for him to heal from his ordeal, but he's still in the woods. He and people like him, will still need the support of people that revel in truth and such people must always be on the ready to assume the role of truth tellers, whatever the costs may be. There was a saying long ago, about truth, that suddenly comes to mind, at a time like this. I thing the words were, speak the truth, speak it ever, cost it what it will. He who hides the wrong he does, does the wrong thing still. Evil men have no time for such simple words. They're unrepentant and full of hubris and soon they'll be met with judgment. Make no mistakes, Julian Assange is a warning to anyone who dares to expose truth. We have been warned.

It's not often that we have any good news these days and I hope it's still a good and honorable thing, to feel good that a blameless man, in this context at least, has gotten to be free and now has the opportunity to feel the sun on his skin once again, after being so denied, for almost two thousand days. We're very happy to hear about it. Also, here's a link from a reputable source. Enjoy.