Ebrius Disputatio

A thing's not wrong because it's illegal, a thing is illegal because it's wrong.

Democrats, though useless, treacherous and traitorous, with regard to any respect for the US Constitution, are nothing, if not relentless and we haven't heard the last of them on this matter. Chipping away at the US Constitution, is what the democrat members, of the Communist Party of America, are hard wired to do. However, we the people, are grateful for all the people who, contacted their senators and gave them an earful or two. What we have here, people, is a constitutional republic and to keep it, we must be active participants and work, especially at the grass roots, local level, upwards.

The Assault Weapons Ban Was Defeated Today!

Another gun grabbing effort, by the chief gun grabbing senator, from the shithole state, of New York. Schumer isn't really an American, he really represents the globalist elitists, who control him. How many secrets they hold over him, only his demons know.

In this latest episode of, grabbing guns by Chuck-you Schumer, he brags about the Brady Bill, which he managed to get passed in congress, thirty years ago during the Clinton administration, when the democrats owned the lower house of representatives.

As a democrat, it is impossible for him to tell any truth and so he lies continually on instinct. We will be calling all our senators on this one even the gun grabbing democrat kind. We suggest that all Americans and even illegal aliens, do the same. As always, carry a gun and keep safe.

Here's a video on the subject.

A federal judge overturned a ban on licensed firearms dealers selling pistols to adults under 21, saying the rule is unconstitutional.

Judge Thomas Kleeh, in his ruling on Dec. 1, said that based on his interpretation of the text of the First and Fourth Amendments, found that the Second Amendment does not exclude 18-to-20-year-olds, meaning the court “can discern no reason to read an implicit age restriction into the Second Amendment’s plain text either.”

“The Court concludes 18-to-20-year old law abiding citizens are part of 'the people' who the Second Amendment protects,” wrote Judge Kleeh, who is the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia. “Plaintiffs themselves and the activity which federal law and regulation currently prevent them from undertaking are covered under the Second Amendment’s umbrella of constitutional freedoms.”

He added that the plaintiffs' capacity to purchase handguns falls under the Second Amendment's “unqualified command” and that “challenged statutes and regulations are not ‘consistent with the Nation’s historic tradition of firearm regulation'” and that the rule barring the plaintiffs from purchasing handguns was “facially unconstitutional and as applied to Plaintiffs.”

The judge's ruling also drew heavily from the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling last year in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. vs. Bruen that required gun control laws to have a basis in historical tradition. The top court in its order struck down a New York law and determined it to be unconstitutional, affirming an individual's right to carry a pistol in public under the Second Amendment.

His order stipulated that under the Bruen ruling, ‘‘To justify its regulation, the government may not simply posit that the regulation promotes an important interest.”

I think that the relatively new, internet protocol, namely gemini, is roughly only about, three years old now and one could not forget the overt enthusiasm for its use. There were numerous, proponents advocating its merits and how the rest of the internet was, ever so bloated and that gemini, was indeed a nostalgic solution, to remedy all that.

All that, it seems, was just people getting on the bandwagon of the latest thing and now it seems that hardly anyone is still exploring or using gemini anymore. Is that really true? One article from a tech source, have surmised, that the protocol is for a niche clique of users or some other utter rot. The fact is, gemini is a very minimalist way to have an outlet on the internet and perhaps the only drawback, is that different types of browsers or extensions to existing browsers, may be needed to access content on gemini. Although, perhaps, it may be true that only a relative few may indeed, find any use for gemini and I may just be one of them.

Gemini Project Page.

Accompanying Article.

What a clever move by the Biden administration. The leak a story, saying that they have released six billion dollars of stolen Iranian assets, in a time when congress is less apt to give any more billion dollar support, presumably, for the Ukrainian effort, then suddenly there is a crisis in Israeli, Gaza region, to which the neocon and their assets can blame Iran, giving them the pretext, to permanently steal Iranian assets. Wow, these guys aren't half bad. I think even the Mafia and their cartel cousins, may be able to learn a few lessons on how to steal and mind fuck many, from this lot.

Arguably, stealing other people's assets, will, undoubtedly, lead to reciprocal behavior and when one starts on this course of action, one may wish to ask, just whom, has the most to lose in the end. Meaning, it would seem that the United States is ripe for the picking and has very much more to lose than anyone, may realize.

I'm no doubt reacting to this story here.

In a move that is sure to make all men realize the essence of freedom and liberty, the French government have seen it fit to allow all law enforcement and presumably intelligence agencies to spy on anyone with a mobile device. Coming to a dystopian nation, perhaps even yours, very, very soon. Wave to Big Brother, will you?

I thought that free societies abhorred such totalitarian tactics. It is evident that the western societies are in no way, any different from the so called authoritarian regimes. Again, they demonstrate much talk but little will or action. Democracy is bad enough, two wolves one sheep, consulting on what or whom will be dinner. However, democracy or indeed, freedom is not the endgame here, it is all about total, absolute control via brute force.

One is quite sure that the democrats and their supporters are saying so. Now if they could only get their mouth pieces in the media to concur and confirm, then we may have another Trump indictment on our hands. I'm constantly being told by obvious independent voters, on just how bad the democrats are, but that the republicans are so much more worse. This must be an example of the case.

One can hardly imagine how deafening the silence would have been, if illegal substances were indeed, found, in a Trump White House. As a matter of fact, it would probably be equally non newsworthy, if any republican president was in residence. There is no two tiered justice or news reporting in these matters and I'm just so ashamed of myself, for being such an ultimate conspiracy monger.