Ebrius Disputatio

A thing's not wrong because it's illegal, a thing is illegal because it's wrong.

It's quite an odd name for a DDOS, however, I'll allow it. I've been hit a few times, however, I never realized that whenever my servers failed to show up to work, with the 502 & 504 errors, that I was under attack. Whomever it is, obviously has something to prove, about what and to whom, I have no idea. He, or she, is quite the little idiot though, since I don't care if anyone else, do see or read my content, since they're only for my benefit anyhow and I can still access most of them with or without him or her, bogging down Nginx. The fact that other people took note of my efforts, was just a bonus point.

The first point of attack, occurred to my Streams server, which I hardly found any use for anyway, but before I tore it apart, I did back it and the database up, just in case I ever had the need to set it up again. I always thought, that the Hubzilla and Streams project, were wholesome projects, until I started getting to know the elitist scum, that favored using them and developing for it. I used to actually like those clowns, until many of them took offense, because my domain name, initially, was natehiggers.online. Fuck them, if they couldn't take a joke. I had planned on a more respectable domain name, however, after the reception I got from them and from others, I doubled down and renewed it, to natehiggers.org. I wouldn't be surprised if all my DDOS attacks, were coming from that part of town. No worries, whereas other people are prevented from viewing my content, I can, which was the point and furthermore, I am still shit posting on other instances, at will. So, I'm not sure what their plan is.

I do love learning new things, especially in regard to how we use computers, including, computer networks and these attacks on my servers, have me thinking that, this is a good opportunity, to learn how things are done. Therefore, I see this as a learning opportunity and I don't plan on surrendering anytime soon. I must say, that our little script kiddie and his/her pals, have been winning all the rounds thus far, but I think there is much I can learn, to set things aright and perhaps, even hand out a few cold dishes in return. These are strange times and one never can be too complacent. I oftentimes wonder, what does, indeed, motivate some people and why they act in the manners which they do. Indeed, all one can do is speculate on the matter. The fact of the matter is, there doesn't seem to be any quick fixes, if any, to combat DDOS attacks currently, so I guess that I'll just have to rely on some lucky bolts of lightning and perhaps a few more acts of god, before things start going in my favor. I do have my Gemini server, however, I'm waiting to see if the shit bird, script kiddies, eventually throw wrenches there as well. We'll just have to see what happens.

Anyway, for now, I think I'll get some sleep. I've been battling the bots in vain and it seems that they'll be winning the battles for now, until I learn the landscape. I won't be backing down just because there are people out there, who think that they can shutdown views, opinions, speech and thoughts, which they find offensive. I've not, at any point growing up, ever succumb to bullies and I'm no stranger to adversity. All that will happen is that, I'll continue to get smarter, stronger, tougher and in my book, that's a good thing. Because, in the end, a man is not much, if he doesn't keep on, improving himself and never stop learning lessons. So for that, I am grateful.

I'm pretty sure that I'm perhaps, the only one who reads my entries in this journal, however, if by chance, there are some others, well welcome and a brand new happy new year to you all. As is often the case, each new year adds another year to one's life, causing one to age just a little more, becoming older and eventually just, plain old, old.

When one contemplates that particular fact, one cannot but think, about the many times, one has heard the phrase, about being lucky enough to reach an alleged, ripe old age. However, is it really so lucky, to grow old? Oftentimes, getting to old age means, going through pains, inflammation, cognitive dissonance, just to name a few and oftentimes, one is too set in ones ways, to even attempt to make life enhancing changes that may even prolong life. Then again, perhaps, that's the whole point, in the mind of one who is getting on in age, those people, probably think, like I do, that indeed, life is all vanity and eventually, everything that one works so hard to accumulate, will be lost in time, either to end up with strangers, landfills or in some sense, die themselves.

However, even knowing all of this, even with the realization, that everything, in the end, is all for nought, many people, despite the encroaching, eventual depreciation of their flesh and mind, seem for whatever reasons, to keep pushing forward, in an ever fervent manner, on self improvement. What keeps them driving on? Are they just stubbornly trying to maintain relevance or is it something more tangible, unseen, which sustains their drive? Indeed, no matter the fervor, life as we pettily know it, will go out quickly enough, like a candle in a windy storm.

Why else is, his name Taylor?

Thats A Dude, Man.

Happy, Boston Tea Party Day. Inspirational

I've reached the point, where I think that the union, has served its purpose. I do not care if we remain contiguous, or not. I just prefer freedom and prefer its outline, within the framework, of the United States Constitution.

I wouldn't miss New England, California, New York or the whole East Coast for that matter, just so long as my state and perhaps, a few of the neighboring ones, or not, decide to continue with our own local agreements. I'm through with Washington DC and their centralization. They don't obey the law of the land, therefore, I see no reason why they should be treated, as being legitimate.

It would be nice if we could keep our republic together, however, I doubt, very much, that, that can ever be a valid option. The deep state never considers, the unintended consequences of their actions and I'm confident that their missteps, will force us into the freedom which they themselves have always, feared the most.

I used the tutorial below, at my own risk and with the exceptions of a few files missing from places, which I copied over, this unofficial upgrade, was a resounding success. I must say, that I did take precautions, however, to ensure that I didn't cock everything up. Indeed, I made a complete backup of my /home directory and /etc. Then I proceeded, fingers crossed, on my main Raspberry Pi, inst)allation, fingers crossed and palms sweaty.

However, before I plunged deep into the cold deep end, I at first, used a spare Raspberry Pi 4, and installed a fresh, clean install on a sd-card. Once that installation was confirmed as a success, I then proceeded to do the unofficial upgrade described further, below. As I said, the author knew his stuff, however, there were a few scripts and files that needed to be transferred over, from the clean install to make the unofficial upgrade, seem, seamless. I somehow, neglected to take any detailed notes, however one file that must be transferred is, wayfire-pi which is a bash script, located in /usr/bin/. There were a few other files that must be also, but my notes were sparse and sporadic and I apologize for that. I must do better in the future.

Getting Wayland up and running on the unofficial upgrade, did provide all the clues of which files were missing and so it was easy enough to copy those to their respective directories. I wasn't until just recently, familiar with Wayland so I was initially clueless. Anyway, it's all coming together and the system is running fine and I'm really becoming a fan of Wayland too. Here, I'm enclosing a screenshot, taken under Wayland as an illustration. I think that, I'll also use this post in one or two of my blogs, since I have been negligent there also. Thanks for reading.

Proof of Life.

How to Upgrade Raspberry Pi OS from Bullseye to Bookworm

Democrats, though useless, treacherous and traitorous, with regard to any respect for the US Constitution, are nothing, if not relentless and we haven't heard the last of them on this matter. Chipping away at the US Constitution, is what the democrat members, of the Communist Party of America, are hard wired to do. However, we the people, are grateful for all the people who, contacted their senators and gave them an earful or two. What we have here, people, is a constitutional republic and to keep it, we must be active participants and work, especially at the grass roots, local level, upwards.

The Assault Weapons Ban Was Defeated Today!

Another gun grabbing effort, by the chief gun grabbing senator, from the shithole state, of New York. Schumer isn't really an American, he really represents the globalist elitists, who control him. How many secrets they hold over him, only his demons know.

In this latest episode of, grabbing guns by Chuck-you Schumer, he brags about the Brady Bill, which he managed to get passed in congress, thirty years ago during the Clinton administration, when the democrats owned the lower house of representatives.

As a democrat, it is impossible for him to tell any truth and so he lies continually on instinct. We will be calling all our senators on this one even the gun grabbing democrat kind. We suggest that all Americans and even illegal aliens, do the same. As always, carry a gun and keep safe.

Here's a video on the subject.