Ebrius Disputatio

A thing's not wrong because it's illegal, a thing is illegal because it's wrong.

I liked Tucker, especially since so many people I don't listen to, nor respect, seem to hate him so. Plus, although this isn't saying much, he was miles ahead of the competition.

Poll: 37 percent of Democrats and 76 percent of independents think Biden is too old to be President.

I'm sure he's sure to defy the odds again, with his all powerful eighty one, plus million votes. He should have no trouble at all. One wonders why he even has to bother with campaigning or rallies, with the deep state head fakes again, Biden just can't lose.

British MP's, EU Members of the European parliament, AOC and the communist elitists leftists are all keen on keeping us silent but will they succeed?

One doesn't see how they'll fail, at least in the short run, they'll get their way for a while until their whole house of cards, implodes. Message to self, “Get more popcorn.”

Indeed, many in the free speech oasis, are more than willing to just move on and replace Tucker Carlson, as if there wasn't any merit, humor or truth in his show's construction. One finds oneself, hoping that Tucker has a backup plan that involves him getting his style of news posting, back into the public view, for consumption. I stopped watching even the free parts of The Fox News Network after observing, questionable behavior concerning a certain stolen election.

Indeed, in reading some posts from people I follow in and on the Fediverse, people are already dusting off Tucker's still warm chair and are inserting the likes of Tulsi Gabbard and Megyn Kelly in his place. I doubt seriously if it matters which name is eventually substituted, although what this callous indifference indicate, is that not too many people in the online, speech business seem to be going to miss Mr. Tucker, perhaps, many of them saw no merits in his efforts. I thought he did tremendous service, and presented the events of our time in a more truthful, straightforward method, when compared to many claiming to be in the same profession. Also, whereas people can be replaced for whatever reasons, including for profit, prejudice or spite the truth may indeed, continue to creep on at an indelible pace. Oh, and despite the many attempts, to kill the truth in the womb, it somehow manages to continue to see the light of day. Thanks to chris@abraham.su, sirphenom@noagendasocial.com, based_rob@noagendasocial.com, isaac@noagendasocial.com, icare4america@freeatlantis.com, for inspiring this post.

One can't be too careful in the western tyrannies. These days, even discussing any contrary opinions, differing from the deep state sponsored, narratives, could potentially get one arrested and taken to court for being an unregistered foreign agent or worse. It's funny how all the western countries, indeed, much of the world governments, seem to be taking orders from Satan.

Any how Satan and his minions are once again blaming Russia for yet another frame job, this time the fighting in the Sudan. Larry C. Johnson, breaks down the pieces of this latest deep state construction and brilliantly deconstructs the mockingbird media operative, narratives. It should be entertainment for people who still know how to read above a sixth grade level. Enjoy, cheers.

How original, no wonder they can't win at anything except for prizes in the categories for tyrannies. The neocons and globalists in the deep state ranks have been playing the same card since November 2016 elections and with the aid of their state run media outlets, have been getting away with it, thus far. Even some courts seem keen on giving them helping hands.

This is glaring evidence, of how republics and empires crumble under the weight of greed, corruption and lawlessness. Indeed, the only group weaponizing free speech, and freedoms are the politicians and bureaucrats in corrupt democrat strongholds around the nation with the help of corrupt officers of the courts, lying media elitists and an apathetic, complacent populace.

There is little doubt that this situation can end well. The perception of two tiered justice, will only continue to breed resentment and when the rule of law no longer reigns, then lawlessness must abide. Without adherence to the United States Constitution, we will cease to be the United States of America and will become something else. One hopes that this realization will sink in to all observers because the consequences will be dire and real.

Perhaps, the shortsightedness of these many naked emperors throughout Washington DC and elsewhere, do us all a favor by accelerating the demise and decline of this now failed, corrupt union and maybe after the dust settles, after the collapse some good may come out of the chaotic rubble. Either way, the current system of two tiered law enforcement and lawlessness is unsustainable and it is a contradiction which must be confronted to the end.

It's becoming more and more obvious, why governments and people perceiving themselves as powerful, fear online speech and the freedom of expression, ideas and thoughts that it supports. It occurs instantly, in real time, it is unfiltered raw and while it may not meet everyone's idea of what is perceived as the truth, it is raw and real. Not the fake, virtue signalling, pap that one finds abundantly in the organizations claiming to produce news and entertainment.

Now, there are concerted efforts in capitals, all around the world, scheming about how to rid themselves of the shining light of information and the rapid ways in which it is beginning to empower the thoughts and actions of men and women, revealing the motives of the corrupt politicians and their bureaucratic henchmen. It's no wonder that the seek to ban any and all opposition speech, tools and ideas which have the potential, to overthrow their slipping grasp of power the seemingly have. This maneuver by governments to curtail the rapid progress of unfiltered ideas can be witnessed in the United States legislature, the congress, wasting time trying to ban the social media platform, TikTok. They cleverly play on the undesirable aspects of the platform, combining that with the fact that there are many in the US who perceive China as a threat and use that to hopefully trick enough people, with the aid of their media allies of course, will give up their rights of free expression, speech and association. Make no mistakes, the choice to use any social media or online service that's not breaking any laws, is a right of association and the congress knows this but they continue to make new laws that will outlaw this fact.

The are afraid of our ideas, our associations our speech and our thoughts. Let's keep them in fear, it is our right to have the power we do not need government but clearly they have a need to control us and we do not wish to be controlled by them because they are week, foolish, old and tired. It is high time that we take our fortunes up and cut the federal government off at the knees and by simultaneously clipping their wings. No to online or any types of censorship. If any particular platform is found offensive to public eyes, ears or minds, then the simple remedy is avoidance. We do not need the servants that we empower, to do double duty as our parents as well. Enough is enough, if these lawless men cannot abide by the Constitution of the United States then we'll have to dismiss them, let them find new work and or, dissolve this union between us and form new alliances, which will do so. Thank you.

Abraham Lincoln was even more despised than Obama and Biden combined and justice was served. However, he did get the last laugh, since his dream of centralized government has more than taken root and the US Constitution is in name only.

Make no mistake, the uni party in Washington DC want us defanged and declawed, in other words, unarmed. The same people who stole the 2020 and 2022 elections are suddenly using this bill to highlight so called election meddling. Make government weak again we'll take charge of our lives, we are all that we can depend on. Government can only hurt us, they are never any help. Let's shut them down. Here are some links.

A clever trap to turn free speech into criminal acts

I've never watched a TikTok video by choice or on purpose and even so, my consumption of them are sparse. Stop giving the government, no matter what side they're on, too much power. It's time to clip their wings.

Let's resist this cloaked, Trojan horse, censorship trap. Once they have banned TikTok, what guarantees do we have, that our favorite technology platform, wont be next? Fight this hard and let us send the power hungry in Washington, Brussels, London, Beijing, Moscow and New Delhi.

What is going on right now is a potential breach to weaken freedom of speech, expression and the right to be happy. Let's shut them down, please. Thank you. Just because I hate TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and more, doesn't mean, they should be banned. Thank you.