Chuck Schumer Is The Most Slimey Deep State Excrement.

Another gun grabbing effort, by the chief gun grabbing senator, from the shithole state, of New York. Schumer isn't really an American, he really represents the globalist elitists, who control him. How many secrets they hold over him, only his demons know.

In this latest episode of, grabbing guns by Chuck-you Schumer, he brags about the Brady Bill, which he managed to get passed in congress, thirty years ago during the Clinton administration, when the democrats owned the lower house of representatives.

As a democrat, it is impossible for him to tell any truth and so he lies continually on instinct. We will be calling all our senators on this one even the gun grabbing democrat kind. We suggest that all Americans and even illegal aliens, do the same. As always, carry a gun and keep safe.

Here's a video on the subject.