Deep State Desolation.

The deep state has been abdicating its role for the last fifty years. They've been kicking the illegal immigration can down the road for at least that long and despite appropriate laws on the books, the seem to be dead set, to keep on importing people who are incapable of assimilating, do not share our culture and who at their core, hate us and envy us. It's bad enough that the United States already, has a permanent underclass, which has existed here for four hundred years, that, despite four centuries could not assimilate nor compete, in our society and were forced to resort to making excuses for their failures, including whites for their own shortcomings.

For the last two generations, the US deep state along with their handlers, have been diluting the culture of the republic, hoping, one assumes, to Balkanize the population, since that would be an easier way to control the masses, if indeed, they had no common heritage, culture, community and ideology. Diversity isn't strength, diversity is the vehicle to foster division and eventual control which will lead to tyrannical injustice.

The generations before us have allowed this situation to race out of control, because they were liars, cowards and deceitful. When waves and waves of foreigners were permitted by the Washington, D.C., deep state, the voters of the previous decades used excuses, claiming that these new people didn't speak the language, didn't come in legally or that they were doing the jobs that Americans wouldn't do. Which was probably veiled attempts at saying since the blacks would no longer do some of those jobs, then someone else had to be imported to do them. The Americans of the seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond didn't care about all the damage, the mass influx of people, who didn't give two fucks about our piece of shit constitution, was having on the future of the republic, since they never had to deal with those people unless they wanted their lawns done, needed nannies or maids. Eventually, more skilled illegal invaders kept coming over the borders and while the government has been saying that the number of those people's approximate number is eleven million people, it may indeed, be closer to fifty million, since that number of eleven hasn't changed, and has been continuously quoted at that same figure, for the last forty plus years.

It is only now, when they're been impacted by the realities, of the result of the invasion and that its purpose is to divide the people into competing, mistrustful groups on one end and to reduce the influence of the white family, church and culture, that they're starting to pay attention. However, it is way too late and no politician, not Trump not anyone is going to save them or fix it.