Deep State Theft Mafia.

What a clever move by the Biden administration. The leak a story, saying that they have released six billion dollars of stolen Iranian assets, in a time when congress is less apt to give any more billion dollar support, presumably, for the Ukrainian effort, then suddenly there is a crisis in Israeli, Gaza region, to which the neocon and their assets can blame Iran, giving them the pretext, to permanently steal Iranian assets. Wow, these guys aren't half bad. I think even the Mafia and their cartel cousins, may be able to learn a few lessons on how to steal and mind fuck many, from this lot.

Arguably, stealing other people's assets, will, undoubtedly, lead to reciprocal behavior and when one starts on this course of action, one may wish to ask, just whom, has the most to lose in the end. Meaning, it would seem that the United States is ripe for the picking and has very much more to lose than anyone, may realize.

I'm no doubt reacting to this story here.