Do Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights?

If indeed our rights come from god, then it is irrelevant where any man is, these rights are natural. Obviously, men living in a tyranny may not realize their rights because of authoritarian, oppression. However, what happens when a man stumbles into an allegedly, free nation, does he not inherit those rights from god, that no man may deny? Do not illegal aliens have the other rights enshrined in the original, Bill of Rights? Then why would there be disputes concerning his god given, second amendment right? If a man may take away god given rights, that man is either a thief or all rights come from man and brute force.

This case calls for many interesting discussions. I for one, believe and think that all men, whether slave, free, illegal or citizen, have the god given, right of self defense. This topic is worthy of discourse. I can't wait for further investigation and dissection of this, very important topic. Do illegal aliens have second amendment rights and should they? Do they have any constitutional rights at all? Well we know that they have constitutional rights, therefore, why should the right to self defense be the exception?