Happy New Year 2024.

I'm pretty sure that I'm perhaps, the only one who reads my entries in this journal, however, if by chance, there are some others, well welcome and a brand new happy new year to you all. As is often the case, each new year adds another year to one's life, causing one to age just a little more, becoming older and eventually just, plain old, old.

When one contemplates that particular fact, one cannot but think, about the many times, one has heard the phrase, about being lucky enough to reach an alleged, ripe old age. However, is it really so lucky, to grow old? Oftentimes, getting to old age means, going through pains, inflammation, cognitive dissonance, just to name a few and oftentimes, one is too set in ones ways, to even attempt to make life enhancing changes that may even prolong life. Then again, perhaps, that's the whole point, in the mind of one who is getting on in age, those people, probably think, like I do, that indeed, life is all vanity and eventually, everything that one works so hard to accumulate, will be lost in time, either to end up with strangers, landfills or in some sense, die themselves.

However, even knowing all of this, even with the realization, that everything, in the end, is all for nought, many people, despite the encroaching, eventual depreciation of their flesh and mind, seem for whatever reasons, to keep pushing forward, in an ever fervent manner, on self improvement. What keeps them driving on? Are they just stubbornly trying to maintain relevance or is it something more tangible, unseen, which sustains their drive? Indeed, no matter the fervor, life as we pettily know it, will go out quickly enough, like a candle in a windy storm.