If The Alternate News Media Is Any Indication, Nobody Is Willing To Fight For Tucker Carlson.

Indeed, many in the free speech oasis, are more than willing to just move on and replace Tucker Carlson, as if there wasn't any merit, humor or truth in his show's construction. One finds oneself, hoping that Tucker has a backup plan that involves him getting his style of news posting, back into the public view, for consumption. I stopped watching even the free parts of The Fox News Network after observing, questionable behavior concerning a certain stolen election.

Indeed, in reading some posts from people I follow in and on the Fediverse, people are already dusting off Tucker's still warm chair and are inserting the likes of Tulsi Gabbard and Megyn Kelly in his place. I doubt seriously if it matters which name is eventually substituted, although what this callous indifference indicate, is that not too many people in the online, speech business seem to be going to miss Mr. Tucker, perhaps, many of them saw no merits in his efforts. I thought he did tremendous service, and presented the events of our time in a more truthful, straightforward method, when compared to many claiming to be in the same profession. Also, whereas people can be replaced for whatever reasons, including for profit, prejudice or spite the truth may indeed, continue to creep on at an indelible pace. Oh, and despite the many attempts, to kill the truth in the womb, it somehow manages to continue to see the light of day. Thanks to chris@abraham.su, sirphenom@noagendasocial.com, based_rob@noagendasocial.com, isaac@noagendasocial.com, icare4america@freeatlantis.com, for inspiring this post.