Is The Collective West Stockpiling Their Supplies Of Explosives, To Use Against Their Internal Opponents At Home?

With trillion dollar debt, the US alone amassing a whopping thirty-two million plus dollars worth, one would assume, that there are ample supplies of war making, civilian killing, weapons of war, to quell all those MAGA, Brexit, populous types that are now in the crosshair of the political class of the western nations.

These people aren't our friends, they certainly aren't working for us either. In all the capitals of the west, the political class are preparing, measures to cull hundreds of thousands of cattle, millions of poultry, and metric tons of produce all for our own good, of course, while they simultaneously, encourage, mass migratory, invaders, with millions more mouths to feed to enter effortlessly, into our shores, borders and ports. The story is also at ZeroHedgeNews