Low Energy Don.

I know the boomers, fanboys and die hard, alleged right wingers, will disagree but Trump isn't going to save us. Just ask him. He's here to save the blacks, the Hispanics, the Mexicans, Israel and the police. I've yet to hear him say what he's going to do about whites and anti-whitism. So he can't even look us in the eyes or mention us.

Also the same cheating system is still in place, for this election, in 2024 and one would assume, that as stupid as democrats are, they would have streamlined their cheating strategy by now, especially by them being in charge of so many powerful institutions. So there is nothing stopping them from getting another Biden term rolling. At any event, Trump is as low energy today as he was in 2020. We've lost that 2016 Trump and he doesn't seem to be anywhere in the country.

To be brutally frank Trump campaign speeches are like a groundhog day analogy, it's all about repetition, identical, theme for theme repetition. He's like a comedian that uses the same tired jokes over and over again. He'd be lucky if he does win but I don't see it happening. Nobody is coming to save us and we ain't voting our way out of this thing in which we're in. When the democrats tell Americans to turn in their guns, Americans are such pussies, that they will do so in alarming numbers. The real power in America, you know who, have been grooming us and conditioning us to be timid, meek, docile, weak and complacent. We need to at least act like we still have a pair of balls.