PinePhone 64 Update 2024

I hope I don't jinx anything, I am a tad bit, superstitious. However, those of you who have ever followed me, or read my first PinePhone entry, may probably want to know how things have turned out, over these last three years.

As far as the PinePhone is concerned, the manufacturers have created, a relatively new, improved, slightly costier, phone, dubbed the PinePhone Pro. I still haven't gotten one of those yet, but I hear good things about them. I like my original and while it wasn't initially perfect like my Iphone or any of my Android devices, it did give me, a linux computer, that I could take around in my pocket, complete with a screen. Anyway, that's all in the past. Ever since I decided to stick with the Arch Linux Build, operating system, which, as long as one pays attention, during the updates, works great, as a stable, daily driver. At least it does for me now. There were a few hiccups, even about a year ago, however, for the most part, these days, the phone works just like my iPhone does, as far as texting and calls go, which is all I really require from a phone, anyway. Web browsing and stuff like that works great too.

I keep backups of my working kernels just in case though, since sometimes upgrades may break things on the PinePhone but not on the PinePhone Pro, so much. For instance, on the last major upgrade when my 6.5.7-1 kernel was upgraded to the latest, 6.6.6, I lost my networking functions, which included, ethernet, WiFi, and cellular. Luckily, I had saved my previous kernel and just downgraded back to it and that set everything right. I'm still not sure what or why things were broken, but that's what I mean, when I say, one has to pay attention, when doing upgrades. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, I don't always need the latest greatest kernel anyway. I just want my phone working so I can keep getting calls and text messages. When the next latest, greatest kernel shows up, I'll upgrade again and if it works, fine, if not I'll revert until things become even.

So that's my latest update on my adventures with the PinePhone, it's not a rugged piece of technology so I'm always being careful how I handle it. However, for the price I paid for it, $199, three years ago, that's to be expected, I think. I had initially bought the hard case and protective glass for it and they worked fine until they broke so, I've found some substitutes, from the Apple Iphone brand, no less. I've gotten new protective glass and a protective case using the same kit for the Iphone 13 Pro Max and if I'm not mistaken the protective glass for the Iphone 11 Pro Max, if that phone is still a thing, works for that purpose too.

I'm planning on getting some more accessories for the phone and a few more goodies for the Pine Store, I think that I'll just wait and make a significant purchase and then the shipping and handling, will be worth it. I hope this article was found useful and all things being equal, the development of the PinePhone, by a far flung group of hackers, have come a long way and seem to be bearing fruit. Take care of yourselves, happy, productive, hacking and never stop learning. Oh, also, if there are any comments, they can be geared to, for starters.