Switching From Nginx To Apache Because Of Necessity.

I have been known to run several websites simultaneously sometimes on a single server and pulling it off, using Nginx as the webserver. I've always preferred Nginx over Apache, since my perception is that Nginx is lighter by comparison, using fewer resources and memory. So it was a real disappointment, when I installed, a certain web, content management system, alongside my other server platforms, but it just wouldn't play nice with Nginx for some odd reason, no matter which PHP version I tried.

However, it would work fine, once I shut Nginx off and started Apache. Which was encouraging, since, I did get it working and running, but it meant that my five other websites, had to be shut down, albeit temporarily, so that this one could run. I knew that I could use Apache with the vhost, virtual hosts, configuration, but even though I knew this possibility existed, I wasn't familiar enough with Apache, to set it up and I had no friends who knew how to do it either. I asked around but nobody was especially helpful, therefore, I used my favorite search engines for information, to learn and understand.

As stated earlier, at least I hope I stated it earlier, I was more comfortable using Nginx and configuring it. I kept wondering how daunting a task shifting from Nginx to Apache would be especially running all my web applications simultaneously. It took a few weeks of failure, until I finally got the hang of it and I eventually got all six websites, running harmoniously. I had to do some extra configuration, to tune Apache, but knock on wood, it's running smoothly. Indeed, it seems almost, if not, exactly, as perky as Nginx was, really, so I'm very grateful for the experience and the knowledge. It's always a little scary, learning to do new things, however, when they work as desired, it's always a wholesome, learning, experience.