The Founding Fathers Still Setting Examples.

Happy, Boston Tea Party Day. Inspirational

I've reached the point, where I think that the union, has served its purpose. I do not care if we remain contiguous, or not. I just prefer freedom and prefer its outline, within the framework, of the United States Constitution.

I wouldn't miss New England, California, New York or the whole East Coast for that matter, just so long as my state and perhaps, a few of the neighboring ones, or not, decide to continue with our own local agreements. I'm through with Washington DC and their centralization. They don't obey the law of the land, therefore, I see no reason why they should be treated, as being legitimate.

It would be nice if we could keep our republic together, however, I doubt, very much, that, that can ever be a valid option. The deep state never considers, the unintended consequences of their actions and I'm confident that their missteps, will force us into the freedom which they themselves have always, feared the most.