What's In Your Routers?

View image of Linksys Wrt54G here.

That was the first router I had ever flashed, Op3nWrt to. I remember how small the image had to be because the WRT54G had limitations. Op3nWRT, at the time, if I remember correctly, would name their versions after alcoholic cocktails. While many people were using DD-WRT and Tomato, I always loved the way Op3nWRT just ran as a regular Linux distro would.

Today there are many more routers and devices that can be used as routers, for which Op3nWRT, may be installed, including X86 type boxes and single board computers. Even though some single board computers have only one ethernet port, that's not necessary a drawback, since with the right switches and some experimentation, one could achieve speeds up to 990 MB/s using a Raspberry Pi 4B. I'm not sure what the specs of the new Raspberry Pi 5 are, as of yet, but the picture is clear. Also, there are some new species of SBC's which have dual ethernet ports but I haven't experimented with them all as of yet.

Here is an image of one of my Pi-routers, running neofetch. While neofetch isn't in the package repo of Op3nWRT, it's a bash script so it'll run on anything with a Bash interpreter. Oh, and this router has 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. I think some people will cry, overkill. What's in your Router?

View neofetch image here.