When Your Plan B Is A Big Bluff.

The United States wishes to do us all a favor and get nuked, one wonders, who will take care of Israel when the US is gone. It's not our country anymore anyway, this country doesn't belong to the white descendants, of the founding fathers any longer, we have been replaced and now, we no longer have a stake, in this most putrid wreck. Therefore, we don't care if this land, of the blue haired, red leaning, fairies, burns in hell forever. Some of us will just have to take one for the team. Since our cowardice and lies caused the depopulation of white people in North America.

Of course, this is contingent, on whether the deep state shit stains, have the gonads to up the ante. Those pussies haven't shown us much, but there's always that first time and in this case, the last. The Russians aren't bluffing and once the US is out of the way there may be room for a little revenge for the Baltic states, the EU and what's left of NATO. What should have been a bloody nose for the collective west, will turn out to be a painful ass rape. However, knowing modern day Americans, as well as I do, they'll probably like it.