Where Have All The Gemini's Gone?

I think that the relatively new, internet protocol, namely gemini, is roughly only about, three years old now and one could not forget the overt enthusiasm for its use. There were numerous, proponents advocating its merits and how the rest of the internet was, ever so bloated and that gemini, was indeed a nostalgic solution, to remedy all that.

All that, it seems, was just people getting on the bandwagon of the latest thing and now it seems that hardly anyone is still exploring or using gemini anymore. Is that really true? One article from a tech source, have surmised, that the protocol is for a niche clique of users or some other utter rot. The fact is, gemini is a very minimalist way to have an outlet on the internet and perhaps the only drawback, is that different types of browsers or extensions to existing browsers, may be needed to access content on gemini. Although, perhaps, it may be true that only a relative few may indeed, find any use for gemini and I may just be one of them.

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