Ebrius Disputatio


Here's one story showing Black Rifle Coffee throwing Kyle under the bus for defending himself.

Here's another one showing, just what type of duplicitous people, we're discussing here.

If one's memory is short, then all one has to do, is make some searches on one's favorite search engine using the words, “black rifle company turned on Kyle Rittenhouse.” That may rekindle one's memories or perhaps, if this is the first time hearing this, then it may offer some pertinent insights.

Black Rifle Coffee was the darling of MAGA, gun owners, patriots and veterans all over the nation and they probably still are among some people, however some people have never given them a second look or chance, since the day they sold Kyle Rittenhouse, down the river, for less than the customary, thirty pieces of silver, when the young lad protected himself from the state sponsored thugs of BLM and ANTIFA.

Obviously, this should be carefully noted, that if one is a white man defending himself from communist state owned operatives, with a firearm, then that makes one, an extremist right winger, an extremist white supremacists or a supreme white extremists. The politicians, the deep state, other federal bureaucrats and their big money backers, want white extinction, white genocide and white replacement and denials of these facts are one's prerogative. Just look around. How long will it take white America, to organize, to becoming a bloc and using the system, the same way that foreigners and invaders do? How long before they wise up and stop spending their money, buy products and services from their enemies?

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