Ebrius Disputatio


Keep lying to yourselves is my advice to people like these. Continue in denial. Don't worry about which people are paying the big bucks to diversify our town, county, state and republic with people who revere toilet paper more than they care about our silly constitution, Bill of Rights, freedoms or our lives.

Keep denying that there has been a war being waged against you for over a century now, subverting your culture while you have remained oblivious to all of it. Keep betraying your progeny while their birthright becomes consumed to worthlessness and forget about any quick fixes, because you've already lost the war.

California is minority white, Texas is minority white, New Mexico is minority white and soon, if not already, Arizona will be too, followed by your favorite state. So keep on praising, defending and cucking for Israel and her many tribesmen. It's funny how we can all say bad things about Biden, Trump, Clinton and Bush, but dare not say any word about their many, well placed Jewish hatchet men and women. Funny that. Just remember, that hate speech is speech that the Zionists hate and so is antisemitism too.

Here is what I'm referring to. It's this story below: Rev. Graham Praises TX Governor's Response to Anti-Israel Protests.

#Zionism #Zionist_Cucks #MustNotBeNamed #OurBetters