Ebrius Disputatio


Trump needs to come clean about The COVID 19, fake vaccine, the lock down and how he was lied to by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and members of his cabinet, including, then Attorney General, William Barr. That will get him a hell of a lot more mileage, that all that nonsense about how he got the fake vaccine fast tracked and how that saved lives. He needs to come out strong, against the fraudulent vaccine, the testing phases of the alleged vaccine and reveal that he was lied to.

The next key to winning decisively, is to become a champion of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Not only are both men heroes against tyranny and whistleblowers, in their own right, but throwing his support for these men will gain him some converts from the other side and other reluctant voters all around. Also, Trump needs to inset himself into the Amos Miller case about the prosecution, persecution of an Amish farmer in a food freedom case. Especially since this case is a righteous case and it's in the razor thin margin, battleground state of Pennsylvania. Trump needs to stop being clueless and get his fucking head out.

I'm a Trump supporter, but I have no problem challenging his missteps. I watch most of his rallies and usually I have to tune out and change the content, because he always says the same fucking thing. The guy only has one speech and he rarely says anything new. However, he's still my guy, but if he keeps on hailing the fake vaccine, the lockdowns and the tyranny, as if it were a good thing, he may lose some of us too.

We have to challenge and correct our people, if we don't then the lefties may indeed, have a point, when they claim that we're cult members. They're full of shit of course, however, if we don't challenge and correct our side, then we open ourselves up to criticism, ridicule and intellectual dishonesty. I realize that only two people will bother to read this, but to you two, what do you think?

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