Ebrius Disputatio


“The United States and its allies are sending to Ukraine a wide range of munitions, but they are not being produced or delivered as quickly as needed,” Atlantic Council nonresident senior fellow Thomas Warrick wrote last week.

Even if the feckless, weak republicans in name only, were to appropriate the sixty plus billion dollars for the Ukraine project, which they really wish to do, there is still the problem of where are they going to get the weapons and ammunition, to buy with all that US taxpayer, cash, because, what nobody wants to say out loud is, that the west, in its entirety, have no industrial, manufacturing capability to keep Ukraine or themselves, to be frank, in weapons and ammunition.**

Obviously, that little fact, being released into the wild, would be embarrassing, if not a bonafide threat to all their national security and a bruise on their blustering egos to boot. Therefore, it is necessary to obfuscate this reality, by distracting the public, that the republicans are being obstructionists. A role that the controlled, opposition, republicans are more than willing to play. All one had to do was pay attention to House Speaker, Mike Johnston's face and body language, during the recent, State of the Union address, to see how pliable to the idea, of further spending in the bottomless pit of Ukraine, made its appeal to him. The problem is that the entire Washington establishment, has to continue the farce since, from their vantage point, no one must be able to highlight the obvious fact that there are no more artillery shells, no more explosives no more raw materials to make them and worse, they may have to buy them from the Russians.

What's more, the prospect of offshoring their war machine production to China and India, since Russia is clearly out of the question, in an election year must be terrifying to them. The entire west, with their green new deals, their inclusive, Marxist culturalism, with their solar panels and windmills, are having continuous headlong collisions, with reality. Without traditional fuels, industrial factories and a united, motivated, educated population, service economies cannot win wars. So, let them keep fooling themselves, obviously, all of us aren't even fooled.

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